The WAGNER IceBreaker-PC high-pressure piston pumps

Wagner IceBreaker PC High Pressure Plunger Pumps are manufactured with high technology. Wagner IceBreaker PC High Pressure Plunger Pump was presented to our esteemed customers with extremely low vibration, rugged construction, maintenance, use and easy to design one combined spray system, the ingredients guaranteed to give reliable results in excellent application and even continuous operation. Wagner also shows the superiority at the thick layer applications.

The needs of any customer; certainly, be able to select the correct pump depending on the required flow volume and the pressure of material. Then, to complete the various components with such as manual airless spray gun, material hose or air filter.

Well equipped for heavy-duty protective coating:

Tough conditions? You can rely on the powerful WAGNER IceBreaker-PC high-pressure piston pumps.



High pressure: Large fluid section with up to 300 cm³ double stroke volum ensure low piston speed and high dynamic pressure. Perfect for processing abrasive materials, such as zinc powder paints.




Extra large valve: The pump inlet valve with its extra large valve diameter of 45 mm makes reliable intake possible at all times. One tap with a hammer is all that is needed for rapid disassembly for cleaning– it doesn’t get any easier than that.




Maximum intake rates: The 38 mm (1½”) wide and very flexible suction hose provides with extra large inlet valves maximum intake rates. This is an unbeatable benefit, especially for highly viscous materials. The quick-release fastener makes light work of maintenance and cleaning.



Storage options: The RackCaddy provides space to store material hose, gun, and suction hose. The accessories for any application can be accommodated with ease.


Robust and sturdy: The RackCaddy is extra-robust. An integrated bracket simplifies transport by crane. The RackCaddy provides all-round protection for the pump and accessories – even if the device is dropped! The large wheels with solid rubber tires mean that transport to the usage location requires little.


Well prepared right from the start Select the right WAGNER IceBreaker-PC high-pressure piston pump for your individual area of work and requirements.

How to select the right pump:

1. Calculate the flow you need:
Take the number of guns, coating thickness needed, operating speed and desired spray width to calculate the material required per minute. If the paint manufacturer specifies a particular nozzle size, this provides the resultant material flow.

2. Calculate the material pressure you need:
The paint manufacturer will provide recommendations for the spray pressure needed at the gun. Depending on viscosity, material hose length and diameter, you must add the pressure loss in the hosing to calculate the pressure needed at the pump outlet.


Spray pressure according to manufacturer: 240 …260 bar
Pressure loss at 15m hosing: approx. 60 bar
Material pressure required at pump output: 300 …320 bar

3. Select your pump
Flow and pressure ranges recommended for the pumps can be found in the table to help you select the right pump. These are approximate values and are not guaranteed.


Right selection: Jaguar 75 – 150 or Jaguar 55 – 200.

POMPALAR LEOPARD 48 – 110 JAGUAR 75 – 150 JAGUAR 55 – 200 PROTEC 60-240 TIGER 72 – 300
Mak. Malzeme basıncı 380 bar 530 bar 440 bar 480 bar 530 bar
Çift hareket hacmi 110 cm³ 150 cm³ 200 cm³ 240 cm³ 300 cm³
Akış 60 dh/dk 6.6 litre/dk 9.0 litre/dk 12.0 litre/dk 14,4 L/min. 18.0 litre/dk
Mak. Sağladığı hava basıncı 8.0 bar 7.1 bar 8.0 bar 8,0 bar 7.4 bar
Malzeme girişi M36 1 ½” 1 ½” 1 ½” 1 ½”
Malzeme çıkışı G/3/8″ ip G ½” ip G ½” ip G½” G ½” ip
Önerilen akış hızı 0.5…2 litre/dk 0.7…3 litre/dk 1…4 litre/dk 1…5 litre/dk 1.5…6 litre
Önerilen malzeme basıncı 150…300 bar 150…350 bar 150…350 bar 150…400 bar 200…450 bar
Kullanım alanları Orta akışkanlı Orta alanlar için küçük Yüksek akışkanlı Büyük alanlar için orta Yüksek akışkanlı Büyük alanlar Çok yüksek akışkanlı, çok yüksek alanlar Çok yüksek akışkanlı Çok yüksek alanlar
Çinko toz boya, demir mika
Ateş koruma malzemeleri
Kalın film malzemesi
Zift kaplama
Yüksek-katı malzemeler
Solvent bazlı malzemeler
Su bazlı malzemer


What more could you want?

It goes without saying that you also receive all suitable components, such as suction and material hose, gun, nozzle, and additional air filter etc. for your basic system. For immediate use, we also provide fully configured spray pack systems.



G15 airless gun: Extremely robust for tough applications. With ProfiTip nozzle and holder and large choice of nozzles with various bore and spray widths.





Air filter: 1″ air filter to protect the air motors from poor compressed air quality. Is fitted with protection in the trolley.





Material hoses: DN 6 ( ¹∕₄” ) and DN 10 ( ³∕₈” ) with whip hose for the besthandling.





Material heater: Professional continuous flow heater for better material flow properties and constant coating quality. Fitted with protection in the trolley.




Ready for action…

WAGNER spray packs for immediate use:

1. Basic spray packs
Pump fitted on trolley with high-pressure filter and return.

2. Spray packs ready for spraying straight away
Pump fitted on trolley with high-pressure filter, return, suction/material hose, gun, nozzle and additional air filter.

LEOPARD 48 – 110 JAGUAR 75 – 150 JAGUAR 55 – 200 TIGER 72-300
Sprey Paket Parçaları Tek pompa Sprey paketi Esas Sprey paketi Komple Tek pompa Sprey paket Esas Sprey paketi Komple Tek pompa Sprey paketi Esas Sprey paketi Komple Tek pompa Sprey paketi Esas Sprey paketi Komple
Yüksek- basınçlı Filtre
Dönüş Borusu
Hava filtresi sağlayıcı (1″)
Emiş hortumu DN 25 (1 “)
Emiş hortumu DN 38 (1¹∕₂ “)
HP malzeme hortumu DN6, 10 m
HP malzeme hortumu DN10, 15m DN6 kamçı hortum ile
Havasız tabanca G 15 AL
Profi Tip Nozul 517 521 521 521
Ağırlık 36kg 53kg 53kg 80kg

Wagner Protec 2K Paint Pump

WAGNER PROTEC 2K – the new mixing unit for Protective Coating

  • High saving potential for fast amortization
  • Extremely robust, powerful and long-lasting
  • Simplest operation and maintenance

WAGNER supplies machines, equipment, and systems for all areas of industrial  surface coating. Our innovative products and solutions stand for quality, efficiency, and productivity.

Modern high-performance corrosion protection and marine coatings are formulated with high and ultra high solid content – most of them are 2-component based. These coatings require an accurate proportioning and mixing of the resin with the hardener to ensure the chemical reaction which enables the mixture to harden and reach the expected chemical and mechanical properties. The new WAGNER PROTEC 2K was specially developed for this application. It takes over the precise dosing of the components as well as the elaborate and time-consuming mixing. You will be surprised how easy the system is to use. It operates almost as simple as a 1K piston pump!

The advantages are easy to see:
• You save time because you don’t need to mix or stir any material
in advance.
• You save material because you mix only as much as you need.
• You work without being concerned that the pot life will expire
before completion of the coating.
• You save time and material because you do not flush the entire
system in case of a longer interruption of work, only the parts
that contain mixed material will be flushed (mixing block, material
hose, spray gun).
• You avoid coating defects: The correct mixing ratio is determined
by the system and guarantees the best possible coating quality

Convincing! Simplest operation – high efficiency

The details of the WAGNER PROTEC 2K bring all the advantages of maximum performance to the point:



Precise mixing: Automatic and continuous dosing of the coating materials.





Dependable supply: Two large hoppers and the large intake valves at the pump ensure a constant and reliable material supply.





Air motor: Easy to handle, with soft-start function and full pressure steering for excellent reliability.





Large savings: Only the exact amount of material which is required is mixed. Only those parts of the appliance are flushed that are used for mixing (mixer, material hose, spray gun).





User-friendly: Clearly laid out and easy to use, similar to a normal 1K piston pump.





Always under control: The pressure gauge is easily visible. An automatic pressure relief ensures maximum safety.



Fill with material and start Simplicity is the key. Fill and start,
the WAGNER PROTEC 2K takes care of everything else.

The WAGNER PROTEC 2K is available in four variants with the preset mixing ratios 4:1, 3:1, 2:1 or 1:1. This makes it the ideal system for most commercially available coating materials. If a material change requires a different mixing ratio, the fluid section can be easily replaced. Of course, the WAGNER PROTEC 2K  meets all ATEX requirements.

Typical materials are, for example:
• Highly filled zinc primers with epoxy base
• Polyurethane top coats
• Fast reacting tank coatings
• Fire-retardant paints
Typical applications
• Tanks
• Pipes
• Marine/shipbuilding
• Bridges
• Towers of wind energy systems
• Rail vehicles
• Water towers
• Wastewater treatment
• Maintenance of wells and sewer systems
• Overflow basins
• Coating of structural steel
• Refineries

Operation of the PROTEC 2K:
When using a conventional piston pump, the two components must be precisely dosed and mixed prior to application. With the PROTEC 2K, a separate fluid section works for each material component under the same air motor. The mixing ratio is determined by the selected fluid section.

Efficiency to be proud of save a lot of material and time – that pays off.

Reduce your material costs
The WAGNER PROTEC 2K only mixes the material you actually need. You no longer need to  expensively dispose of excess material. Additionally you can purchase materials in larger packages and to save through volume discounts.
Lower your solvent consumption
Only those parts of the system are flushed which have come into contact with the mixed material – mixing block, material hose, and spray gun. This is particularly interesting in the event of a production stoppage. In comparison, you have to flush and clean a 1K system completely which costs significantly more time and solvent! Depending on the sensitivity of the hardener, you can let the system stand with un-mixed material inside overnight or several days.
Sensible workforce management
The dosing and mixing of the components takes place “just in time” and fully automated during the suction of the material components. This saves valuable labor time. The coating quality is significantly increased by the exact dosing and preparation of materials. Manual error rates are ruled out.
Low maintenance costs – high availability
In the fluid sections there is only unmixed material that can be rinsed out much easier than  lready-mixed components. This increases the maintenance intervals significantly. The WAGNER
fluid sections can be dismantled with a few simple steps and are easy to maintain. The service sets available as accessories contain all the required components.

Savings potential:

Bilinen 1K sprey paketi PROTEC 2K sprey paketi
Katalizörün doğru dozaj miktarı Belirgin yüksek talepler Otomatik
Canlandırıcı ve karıştırıcı Zaman alıcı Otomatik
Kap ömrü Katılaştırıcı p ömrünün geri sayımı ve kova içinde ön karışımlı reçine Uygulama öncesinde , malzeme taze bir şekilde karıştırılır
Yıkama ve temizleme Sistemi komple yıkama Sadece karıştırıcı içindeki karışık malzeme ve malzeme hortumunun ihtiyacı olan yıkama.
Ön karışımlı kaplama atığı Fazlalık olan karışık malzeme atılmalıdır Atık yok
Yıkama sırasında solvent tüketim Pompanın büyüklüğüne bağlı olarak 10-15 litre Malzeme hortumuna , uzunluğuna ve Ø bağlı , 2-3 litre
Yıkama sırasında ön karışımlı kaplama atığı Pompanın büyüklüğüne bağlı olarak 3-4 litre Malzeme hortumuna , uzunluğuna ve Ø bağlı , 1-2 litre




For a perfect match Excellent accessories for an extraordinary performance and excellent coating results.



Flush pump set: Piston pump Leopard including all attachments.





Heater set: Optionally for use with A or B component.





Heated tanks: Extremely high viscosity material can be made workable by using the heated tanks.





PROTEC GM 1: The ideal airless manual gun for Protective Coating. Extremely easy to handle, robust, with excellent atomization properties.




Flexibility for other mixing ratios Just briefly change the mix – variable, for greater flexibility in your requirements.

The WAGNER PROTEC 2K is available in four different mixing ratios. The mixture required is defined by the proportions of the two fluid sections to each other. If these are to be changed, the fluid sections can be exchanged accordingly. The exchange takes about 20 minutes only.


Farklı karışım oranları için sıvı kısımlar: Sıvı kısım 150 cm3 Sıvı kısım 110 cm3 Sıvı kısım 110 cm3 Sıvı kısım 75 cm3 Sıvı kısım 50 cm3 Sıvı kısım 38 cm3
Karışım oranı 4:1 A B
Karışım oranı 3:1 A B
Karışım oranı 2:1 A B
Karışım oranı 1:1 A B



Our system performs

Technical data at a glance.


Teknik veriler PROTEC 2K 75-150/38 PROTEC 2K 70-150/50 PROTEC 2K  64-150/75 PROTEC 2K  65-110/110
Karışım oranı 4:1 3:1 2:1 1:1
Basınç oranı 75:1 70:1 64:1 65:1
Mak.çalışma basıncı 500 bar 465 bar 415 bar 420 bar
Akışkan kısım A , çift atım hacmi 150 cm3 150 cm3 150 cm3 110 cm3
Akışkan kısım B , çift atım hacmi 38 cm3 50 cm3 75 cm3 110 cm3
Çift atım başına akış hızı 188 cm3 200 cm3 225 cm3 220 cm3
30 Çift atım başına akış 5.64 l 6.0 l 6.75 l 6.6 l
Mak.atım hızı 30 DS/min 30 DS/min 30 DS/min 30 DS/min
Malzeme girişi (tank) 27 l 27 l 27 l 27 l
Malzeme çıkışı (BSP) A – G3/8″ A – G3/8“ A – G3/8“ A – G3/8“
Hava kaynağı basıncı 1.5 – 6.5 bar 1.5 – 6.5 bar 1.5 – 6.5 bar 1.5 – 6.5 bar
6 bar hava basıncında ses seviyesi 80 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 80 dB(A)
Malzeme sıcaklığı 5 – 80° C 5 – 80° C 5 – 80° C 5 – 80° C
Çevre sıcaklığı 5 – 60° C 5 – 60° C 5 – 60° C 5 – 60° C
Malzeme pH değeri 3.5 – 9 pH 3.5 – 9 pH 3.5 – 9 pH 3.5 – 9 pH
Mak. Malzeme basınç pompası girişi 20 bar 20 bar 20 bar 20 bar
Ağırlık 190 kg 190 kg 190 kg 190 kg
ATEX adlandırma II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X II 2G cIIB T3 / T4 Gb X
Ölçüler (G x U x Y ) 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm 830 x 1200 x 1710 mm