• RPB Nova 1 Premium Abrasive Blasting Helmet

The mandatory high standards of a modern workplace make health and safety a top priority. Aside from risk to valued employees, there are potential costs of business disruption, non-compliance and the flow-on impact on your company’s reputation that need to be conside-red. The Nova 1™ minimizes the risk to your employees and your business. Adding to the list of Safety Standards, the RPB® NOVA 1™ meets the requirements of ANSI Z89.1 – 2010+ Head Protection and ANSI Z87.1 – 2012 Type 1 Class C, high velocity eye protection standards, and exceeds the requirements of AS/NZS.
 1- Air duct distribution system directs airflow into the breathe zone, prevents fogging and keeps workers cool.
2- Multi layered sound deadening foam for hearing protection.
3- Super tough helmet shell that is U.V. stabilized and abrasion resistant.
4- Adjustable sturdy visor frame with molded hinge designed to take different lens thicknesses.
5- Large, flat lens.
6- Durable nylon cape with comfortable seal around the neck.
7- Hand strap for easy transportation and storage.
8- Unique, high-strength visor strap.
9- Abrasion resistant cape cover band.
10- Flexible breathing tube.
  • RPB Radex Airline Filter – RPB Brearhing Air Filter
 1- 125 psi safety pressure relief valve
2- Quick disconnect coupler compatible with brands including; Aro, Cejn, Dixion, and Rectus.
3- Outlet pressure regulator provides the ability to adjust air pressure.
4- Range 0-125 psi (04-900, 2 outlet unit only).
5- Replacement filter cartridges have a replacement date sticker for maintenance scheduling.
6- Strong, robust and lightweight housing.
7- Brass drain tap fitted as standard equipment
8- 1” Npt inlet port
9- High flow regulator (04-906, 6 outlet unit only
  •  RPB Gas Monitor
As you know, dangerous levels of toxic gases can cause severe injury or death. How can you have complete confidence that the air you and your employees breathe is safe? Your solution is the RPB® GX4™, an intelligent gas monitor that has the ability to detect up to 4 gases, giving you peace of mind. Gases such as carbon monoxide are invisible to all the human senses, yet arecommonly found in industrial premises worldwide. While low level exposure maynot be immediately fatal, ongoing contact at low levels has a cumulative effect, causingserious illness and long term health concerns. Early symptoms can be mistaken for theflu, headaches or tiredness. It is a serious problem which is commonly overlooked.


  •  RPB Climate Control Device
As you know in an environment where the temperature is comfortable is key to maximizing productivity. So how can you ensure that your employees are productive? Your solution is the RPB C40 Climate Control Device, which can heat and cool your supplied air as desired. With the slide of lever, your employees can switch from heating to cooling ensuring they are always comfortable.
  • Conrtacor Comfort Sandblasting Helmet
 This blast helmet very comfortable and lightweight is suitable for any kind of abrasive blasting work. Its design ensures constant airflow to the visor in order to prevent misting. The blast helmet is equipped with a pressure regulator, an airflow indicator and a cape.
  •  Contracor Breathing Air Filter BAF
The breathing air filter is designed for supplying clean air to the blasting hood. The BAF filter is designed to remove condensate oil and up to %98 of particles having a size of 0,5 microns less. The BAF Breathing air filter is equipped with a pressure regulator, a pressure gauge, safety valve and discharge valve. This BAF can be additionally equipped for operation by two or more operators.
  •  Sandblasting Overalls
These overalls protect the operator from abrasive media. Easily washable thanks to its nylon and cotton fabric structure. It provides comfort in summer.
  •  Safety Cable
Whipcheck Safety Cables are used at all blast hoses for the safe holding of coupled connections in case of accidental separation. The Whipcheck Safety Cables relieve the couplings of the weight of the hose and reduce the danger caused by hose couplings failure. The Cables also help keeping the blast hose from whipping about in the event of a coupling failure.