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In the corrosion control, there are some procedures to extend the life of the metal surfaces and to make the desired quality coating. Surface quality is largely dependent on surface preparation before coating.

The most commonly used and most effective method of removing the effects of corrosion is the coating of the surface with materials resistant to external factors. The surface preparation before of these coatings is the basic of the coating quality.

Sandblasting is a method used to provide the roughness required for the paint to adhere to the surface and to homogenize the surface and to clean rust, lime, oil and paint residue on the metal surface.

As the application, blasting is the process of impacting the granule with high-pressure air. During this impingement, the granule abrades the surface at the micron level and at the same time cleans the surface. Special pressure blasting pots are used for sandblasting application. The degree of roughness desired on the surface depends on the type, size, shape and application pressure of the abrasive granule used.

Blasting process should be done in special facilities suitable for sandblasting and these facilities must be installed in accordance with the Environmental Health Standards and Safety Rules.

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Arccorrosion Sandblasting Systems

Sandblasting Facility, Dust Collecting Systems, Blasting Media Recycling Systems

These are the projects that designed to achieve maximum effiency and desired surface quality at the blasting time, sensitive to the environment and to minimize operating costs. It comprises granule recycling, dust collecting, air conditioning systems within.



Arccorrosion Painting Systems

Painting Facility, Heating Systems, Filtration Systems, Humudity Control Systems

In order to achieve the desired quality in wet paint application, the main standards that must be fulfilled in the facilities are appropriate filtering and clean air system, suitable air conditioning and appropriate lighting.

The electrical equipment in the painting facility must be suitable for the explosion document.

Filtration systems must comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Environment waste gas emission values.



Sandblasting Equipments

Sandblasting Pot, Sandblasting Silo, Sandblasting Cabinet, Vacuum Blasting Machine, Sandblasting Pot Connections, Blasting Helmet, Airline Filter, Sandblasting Overalls, Sandblasting Hoses, Power Gun etc.

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  • Sandblasting Cabinet


Painting Equipments

Paint Pump, Paint Machine, Airless Paint Pump, Electricial Paint Pump, Hydrolic Paint Pump, Paint Gun, Painting Helmet, Painting Overalls etc.

The mandatory high standards of a modern workplace make health and safety a top priority. Aside from risk to valued employees, there are potential costs of business disruption, non-compliance and the flow-on impact on your company’s reputation that need to be conside-red.


Arccorrosion Sandblasting Booth

The dust emission values of Arccorrosion Sanding Plants are in compliance with the Ministry of Environment regulations.

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Arccorrosion Painting Booth

Arccorrosion, which builds facilities in which precaution are taken according to the Occupational Health and Safety Law, gives primacy occupational safety.

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Arccorrosion Painting Booth

Arccorrosion Painting Facilities are designed according to regulations.

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Arccorrosion Sandblasting & Painting Equipment

Sandblasting & Painting Equipments

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