Power Gun
The Power Gun is a suction blast tool ideally suited to small jobs or locations with limited air supplies. The Power Gun can be used with all common blast media, to clean or etch metal, glass, stone or other hard wearing surfaces. To operate the Power Gun, just connect it to a compressed air source, and submerge the suction lance to which the abrasive hose is connected partially into a container of blast media. To commence blasting, simply depress the lever on the Power Gun.

Parameter Value
Air Hose I.D 1″(25mm)
Suction Hose I.D 1″(25mm)
Sandblasting Nozzle I.D 1/2″(12,5mm)
Air Jet I.D 1/4″(6,4mm)
Max. Working Pressure 10 Bar
Weight 8 Kg