• RPB T150 Series Advanced Full Face Respirator

A NIOSH approved Type C respirator, the RPB® T150™ supplied air respirator is an ergonomically designed full face respirator offering superior comfort and functionality. Its sleek design and unobtrusive profile leads to versatility and excellence across a wide range of industries and applications. From chemical stripping to spray painting and coating applications, the T150™ offers workers superior comfort, vision and safety. 
The T150™ supplied air full face mask, manufactured from polycarbonate is robust and lightweight, while maintaining the highest levels of comfort and vision. Available with an adjustable 6 point harness, paired with a soft thermoplastic (TPR) or silicon face seal, the T150™ fits perfectly to the contours of the user’s face, providing a comfortable airtight seal which ensures contaminated air cannot enter the user’s breathing space. The T150™’s panoramic lens offers the user an unobstructed view of their surroundings, along with an innovative air flow design which provides an anti-fog barrier, ensuring the lens stays clean and clear. To prolong the respirator’s lifespan, the T150™ is subjected to an anti-fog,anti-scratch and anti-acid treatment.
  • RPB Climate Control

RPB® Climate Control assemblies deliver the exact temperature of
air needed for optimum performance and comfort, when working in
climate and environmental extremes.The 4000-01 and 4000-20 are manufactured from non toxic engineering plastic which is extremely robust
and ideal for the rigors of the workplace.
1 -All parts are easily removable for maintenance and cleaning
2 -Tough engineering plastic designed for harsh conditions
3 -Regulator to control air temperature and airflow
4 -Strong webbed belt
  •  6300 Full Face Mask
  The full face paint mask ensures complete safety of the operatör during the painting time. Unlike the half face paint mask, the full face paint mask ensures full protection of operators’ eyes.
  •  Half Face Masks
The half face paint mask provides the operator with filtered air for breathing from two seperate places.
  •  Changeable Filter
Replaceable filters vary according to the applied paint. There are different types of protection.
  •  Vortex Air Supplier
  •  Painting Overalls
– It provides a barrier against many inorganic chemicals and particles up to 1 micron.
– It protects against radioactive particles.
– Contamination control: it protects to operating area from any contamination which can be occured due to personally
– Because of it does not contain halogen substances, it is destroyed easily and economically.