Arcspray 140/S350-CL Metallisation Machine
The latest generation Metallisation Arc140/s350-CL with closed loop current control is a unique blend of ability and innovation. We’ve taken our proven performer, the Arc 140 pistol and electric drive system, and coupled it to a brand new 350 amp, switched voltage energiser. The S350-CL energiser now has closed loop current control for ease operation and protection from overcurrent. It also features sealed electronics and PLC control for excellent reliability in the harshest of spray environments.

The design also allows for multiple, customer specific packaging options for wire drive and dispensing requriements. There is no motor in the pistol. Instead, The Arc 140 / S350-CL uses our patented Synchrodrive system, where a single, sealed motor and flexible drive arrengement, powers a reliable, positive drive push/pull up to a lenght of 20m. This results in a long reach and lightweight flexibility of the pistol and supplies – and more comfortable and productive working conditions for the operator.

– New S350-CL sealed energiser = reliability
– Closed-loop current = simplicity / reliability
– Uses wires from 1.6mm to 2.5mm
– Air cooled cables = lightweight
– Excellent pistol manoeuvrability
– 5,10 and 20m supplies packages
– Anti-corrosion and engineering coatings
– Easy to maintain = lower downtime
– 5m pull option available for small workshops
– MIG, coil and drum dispense
– Soft start for smooth start ups = reliability
– PTFE lined conduits = reliable long wire feed