Internal Pipe Sandblasting

Internal pipe blasting tools which provides easy and fast cleaning of internal surfaces of steel pipes are durable, portable and easy to use. These tools are used in pipe blasting for the pipes from 3″ to 12″ (PBT 1) and from 12″ to 36″ (PBT 2). These tools increase the efficiency.



– Light easy moveable and use
– For all container type
– It can be used plunge the container by pulling trigger easily
– By compact sizes, it can be used in the conventional pressure area
– It is a package with 5 mm suction hose, suction lance, hose clamp

Order  Code Model Description   PBT-2
12701 PBN-5.0 Dia. 5.0 mm B4C Blast nozzle for PBT-2
12702 PBN-6.5 Dia. 6.5 mm B4C Blast nozzle for PBT-2
12703 PBN-8.0 Dia. 8.0 mm B4C Blast nozzle for PBT-2
12704 PBN-9.5 Dia. 9.5mm B4C Blast nozzle for PBT-2

Order Code Model Description
12600 PBT-1 Pipe blasting tool 3” (75mm) – 12” (300mm) with 12,5 mm nozzle and boron carbide (B4C) deflection tip. Complete package incl. centering collars sets, centering carriage, wrenches set.
12700 PBT-2 Pipe blasting tool 12” (300mm) – 36” (900mm) Complete package incl. Two leg sets (short leg set 12”-20” and long leg set 24”-36”), 2 x PBN-6.5 nozzles, wrenches set.