Blasting Media Recycling Systems / Elevator – Seperator – Scraper Systems

· Arccorrosion Elevator
The blasting media coming from the conveyor system is poured into the elevator pit, hardox nail bucket takes the blasting media from the elevator pit and it is bringing the blasting media to the required height and discharge to the inlet of the separator. The system comprises a bucket elevator.

· Arccorrosion Seperator
It is a system that separates blasting media – powder mixture and foreign material. Arccorrosion Separator designed with the rotary sieve. Because of this sieve, large pieces are thrown out of the system, the powder and blasting media are separated from each other by flaps, dust is removed from the system and clean abrasive falls into Arccorrosion stock silo.

The system comprises an air-wash abrasive cleaner.

· Scraper / Transport System
Scraper/Transport system pushes the used blasting media to the elevator.
The transport blades are covered with plastics material and it works in the direction of pushing. So, the grit is directed towards on one direction only. While moving back, the plastic material pass over the grit.

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