Vacuum Sandblasting Machine

This model “pressure fed“ vacuum blasting machine is available in various versions, which makes it able to choose the best suitable machine for the blasting job.
This machines are used for vacuum blasting with the lighter, medium abrasives (Al2O3, garnet, olivine sand, glass beads and plastics) and especially metallic abrasives such as steel grit/shot and cast iron grit.

Area of usage:
Storage tank and heavy steel constructions, shipbuilding industry, blasting and finishing weld seams, thermal metallizing and coating processes, rubber cladding, aerospace, maintenance refineries, granite and natural stone work, concrete construction and revision, road markings and lines, polyester and fibre industry.

Blast media capacity 40 ltr
Max. blasting pressure 1,5 – 8 bar
Electric power 9.200 kW (EP)
Max. abrasive size 1,5 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 157 x 75 x 186 cm
Empty weight 590 kg