In order to achieve the desired quality in wet paint application, the main standards that must be fulfilled in the facilities are appropriate filtering and clean air system, suitable air conditioning and appropriate lighting.

As Arccorrosion, while we are designing the facilities; we make calculations such as filter surface area and dimensions in filtration systems, flow rate and pressure of filtration fans, selection of necessary systems for heating and air conditioning. At the same time while designing the facility we consider meticulously the number of operators to be used in the plant, the type of coating material which will be used, the size of the material to be covered, the climatic conditions of the region where the plant will be established.

All of our systems are world class and certified systems that comply with environmental health rules, occupational safety rules and Atex regulations.


As Arccorrosion, we are building special designed facilities for painting large parts such as ship blocks in shipyards. Shipyard Type Painting facilities can be established by only a number of companies in the world. We use the internationally recognized systems for filtering, air-conditioning, painting equipment and automation pannels in the Arccorrosion Shipyard Type Painting Facilities which are established.

Air Conditioning Systems of Arccorrosion Shipyard Type Paint Facility

The air conditioning system in the painting facility, which consists of heating, dehumidification and humidification, are automatically controlled by sensors. Heating is provided by natural gas units and activate automatically when the facility temperature decrease under the set temperature.

During the Humidity control; dehumidification are provided with desiccant silica gel rotor units which are work according to the principle of adsorption. Humidification are provided by pulverized water system through jet nozzles which are placed on the ceiling.(During the application of moisture-curing paints) The system automatically switches on when the humidity rate increase or decrease from the set value.

Filtration Systems of Arccorrosion Shipyard Type Paint Facility;

Standard filtration systems cannot be used in shipyard paint facilities because of the material dimensions. Wet paint particles and solvent which are sprayed through to the part with high pressure devices is absorbed by special filters in the wall of the facility. The sucked air by the fans on the system, is thrown to the atmosphere after passing through the special kraft filter. Filter units dimensions are change according the facility dimension. But,generally the dimension of the filter unit is 3000mmx3000mm. By the contract, the Arccorrosion filtering systems guarantee the emission values which are accepted by the Ministry of Environment.

Automation of Arccorrosion Shipyard Type Paint Facility;

Temperature values, humidity values, pressure values, lighting and all systems are recorded and controlled automatically or manually in our paint facility.

Painting Equipments of Arccorrosion Shipyard Type Paint Facility;

We use Wagner Ice Breaker coating high-pressure pumps In Our Shipyard Type facilities. In addition, with our paint mix rooms which are designed with ex proof equipment we provide occupational safety standards, avoiding labor loss , equipment protection.


Under the header of Arccorrosion’s General Industrial paint facilities, we design facilities that are suitable for the demands of our business partners.

Manufacturing subjects in general industry; concrete machinery, Pressure Vessels, steel construction, transformer, railroad vehicles, aviation vehicles and equipment, trailers, machine, valve , wind towers manufacturing are mainly, serving many companies. In addition, power plants, pipelines, shopping centers, bridges and many contractor companies that carry out projects are among the companies we serve.

As in all our projects, we use filtering, air-conditioning, painting equipment and automation systems which are internationally recognized in our general industrial paint facility projects.


Filtration systems should be designed correctly to avoid environmental damage, to protect personnel health and to ensure performance in maximum quality. Proper ventilation and filtration are vital since there is a high risk of fire and explosion in the paint facility. We certify that all of the equipment we use in filtration system are compatible with Atex and Environmental Health conditions.

While choosing the filtration system in our paint facility, we consider the characteristics such as the size and type of material to be painted, the number of operators to work, the coating material to be used, the area to be installed. We use vertical and diagonal filtration techniques in our Arccorrosion’s Paint Facilities. Depending on the need and the suitability of the area to be installed, we install filter systems to the wall or to the floor.

According the customer requirement, we add on our filtration systems the control systems that keeps the operating and maintenance costs at the minimum such as filter occupancy rate, fan pressure control.


In General,  During the wet paint operation 20- 25 °C , during the drying 60-70 ° C temperature is needed. except the special applications.

Taking into consideration the operating costs and according to the requirements and conditions; We use the heating units that works with natural gas, electric, lpg or lng systems for the heating systems in our paint facility.

Our heating systems are automatically controlled according to the values which are entered to the control panel. In addition, considering the criteria such as the production speed and the type of coating material, we establish combined systems which covers the both of the paint hall and the oven in the same facility.


The first issue to be considered in the lighting systems; lighting armatures must be exproof and Atex certificated against the risk of fire and explosion.

As Arccorrosion, we use Atex certified lighting armatures in our paint facilities.

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